I provide beautiful photos that can be used for MLS, print, & social media. Photos are distributed to you using a Google Photos album, which makes it easy for you to download the gallery and share with clients and other agents.

I use a technique that combines one or more flash images with an HDR (“high dynamic range”) image using ambient light. The HDR image is built from a series of images taken at different exposures. This way, I’m able to blend the room’s natural light with the more neutral light of the flash. The result is a photo rich with color, dimension and texture, without the flat or harsh look that flash photography alone can sometimes produce.

Composition is of the utmost importance to me, so each photo is carefully framed for balance and proportion, color & light. Rooms are photographed from a variety of angles to let you choose those that you think will best tell the home’s story.

You can expect photos to be processed in a day or two, and if you need them ASAP, I’m sometimes able to process them the same day.